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It’s Cold Out Here!


Life isn’t all warm and fuzzy ALL the time.  I’m talking about trials and tribulations.  Oh wait, you thought I was going to talk about the weather since I got this big snow covered Diana Ross coat on in my photo? No, this is more about things that test our patience or endurance.  The problems and difficulties of life. Watching the news nowadays will show you just how cold this world is at times.  In the first 10 minutes you get the breaking news for the day and more than likely it’s filled with shootings, fires, accidents and other news…
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Internet Inspiration Compilation Vol #1 | Tech Tools for Gmail

CD case with blank DVD disc isolated on white

I get inspired by so much on the internet that I’ve decided to put together compilations (lists) grouped by particular topics.  I like to call these my Internet Inspiration Compilations.  Just a simple list, possible description, and a link for you to explore on your own.  Some lists may be short.  Others may be long.  I might also go back and add to a list as I often get inspired.  Maybe you’ll be inspired too. Internet Inspiration Compilation Vol #1 | Tech Tools for Gmail This first list features Tech Tools that keep me sane when it comes to the…
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Love Yourself. Not your Selfie.


Seems like everyone with a camera phone these days, has at least taken one “Selfie” and posted it online or in a text to someone.  Although I don’t do it much, I am no exception.  This photo you see was my attempt to take a “Selfie” with my smartphone in my vehicle.  By the way, I was stopped at a light and no I wasn’t texting…oh and notice my seatbelt is on :).  It was a bright sunny Easter Sunday morning right after church in Johnstown and I just got filled with a great message, got hugs and love from…
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They are so Lucky


You know those friends and business people that are constantly sharing their good news, accolades, successes, etc.?  Sometimes, it seems as though everyone else is getting “lucky” except for you. I know some of you may look at the success of others on social media and think… “They are so lucky.” But luck happens when you are prepared for the opportunities that God puts in front of you. It’s that simple. Do the work, be prepared, and you will get “lucky” too. Happy St. Paddy’s Day! LUCK = PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY 

The Power of a Picture Quote Campaign


Did you ever share a quote by someone else that had the quote on top of a nice graphic and get a lot of likes and shares? That’s because fans, friends, followers and everyone else are drawn to images on social media!  Images are the heart of a lot of sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.  A picture is worth a thousand words — but combining a photo with words on that photo is priceless…and worth sharing! THE CAMPAIGN I created a campaign for the Pittsburgh Chapter of NAWBO to share 40 original words of wisdom from business women….
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