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Encourage customers to share your product on Social Media


Presentation & customer service is key! I love how Renay Warren of Sircles packaged my necklace I purchased, along with a personalized handwritten note. Things like this makes a customer feel good, and we always remember how someone makes us feel. Now normally I post a photo of something I purchased especially if the quality, customer service and packaging is on point.  You will find that many of your customers that are on social media and know you’re active on social media too will often post a pic of them with your product and tag your business. However, it’s always…
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Did you know that today is #AmericanBusinessWomensDay?


I’ll admit, I didn’t.  I never heard of this day before.  Until today.  Not sure if I feel bad for NOT knowing or disappointed that it’s not highly promoted as I’m sure this is a day many business women would love to celebrate!  I didn’t notice a lot of mentions of it on social media in my business circle either, so I did a post about it to make some of the ladies aware.  Apparently it came to be due to the founding of the American Business Women’s Association: September 22 marks the 1949 founding date of the American Business…
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Sweet Baby Jesus, I love a great name!

sweet baby jesus

My husband and I went out with another couple to check out Savor Pittsburgh.  It’s an event where basically you pay to come in and taste unlimited samples of food, beer and liquor from various restaurants, chefs, brewery’s, etc.  It’s an awesome fundraiser event, and you’ll walk away with a full belly of everything from lamb, baby quail eggs, cheeses I can’t pronounce (let alone spell) and an insane amount of drinks to wet your whistle! So after I had my share of vittles, I opted to taste this chocolate peanut butter porter beer named “Sweet Baby Jesus!”  When I…
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My Self-Imposed Home Bootcamp | Cause I’ve Got Sh** to Do!


So this past week and weekend I did something drastic.  I was feeling super overwhelmed and as if I was drowning in tasks that were all urgent.  On top of it all, I am getting married on May 7, 2016 and that’s stressful enough to say the least without the added business operations that need attention, let alone taxes and site updates.  So simply put, my head was about to EXPLODE! So I changed my cellphone voicemail to a new temporary message that stated, “Hello, I am busy working on business and personal related tasks that need my attention and…
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