Dinner with Donna

2 Hour Winners Dinner – Dinner with Donna

I’ve had many requests throughout the years to take me to dinner and just pick my brain.
Well, as much as I’d like to help everyone, it is now time for me to be more selective.

So I decided I will offer this powerful experience for people that are ready to take action and invest in themselves and their future success. WINNERS tend to take more risks and therefore have better results in that which they are seeking to accomplish.

For 2 full hours, at a restaurant of your choice, you will be able to pick my brain and ask me questions about your business, website, social media or just get advice on where to start.  If you have a website, or other marketing material, I will even review it before our meeting and give you my thoughts and advice.

How it works:

— $100 Investment includes the 2 hour consulting  (+ cost of my dinner)

— You pick the restaurant.  I’m not picky, we can even do pizza :)

Make sure you bring a pen, paper, recorder, or whatever you need to take notes.
I’ll be giving you a lot of great advice during our dinner and you don’t want to forget!

(This offer is only good for those within 25 miles of the Pittsburgh Area)

Why pay $100 + Dinner to pick my brain?

Besides the fact that once I get to talking, my brain just sends ideas flowing and I love to problem solve and help people that are passionate about what they do — I also really love technology and I started my business back in 2000 solely using the internet.  I’ve had a lot of success and some fails, but I have learned a lot about this game.  So much that my community site labeled me as an expert in community-focused websites and it helped to launch my print magazine which is now in it’s 3rd year.  From the tech classes I teach to the web sites I design, I live it everyday and love all things techie!




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