Donna BaxterFormer rapper turned internet Tech Diva and Digital Graphic Artist, I have  gone from “Rhymer to Designer”. This “Cool Nerd” explains technology in ways you’ve never heard all while making it easy to understand, funny, and entertaining and leaving audiences motivated to
“Get Online or Get Left Behind!”



Loves the Lord.
CEO of
Only child.

Loves old school hip hop.
Went from rhymer to designer.
Loves Pittsburgh’s potential.
Steelers Fan.
Has a Chihuahua named Pipa.
Has a MinPin named Sasha.
Cool Nerd.
Still got rhyme skills.
Loves WordPress.
Motto:  “Get online or get left behind!”
Publisher of Soul Pitt Quarterly
Reconnected with & Married my Hometown Sweetheart in 2016 :)



#TBT – My Lady Fresh days…When I truly loved hip hop. That phase of my life prepared me for what I do now. Taught me about marketing, hustling, grinding, being hungry, creativity, performing under pressure, shaking haters, promoting and building a brand.


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