Amazon’s Influencer Program for Social Media Influencers

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So I get this email last night that I’ve been selected for Amazon’s Influencer Program for social media influencers.  Last time I got into one of Amazon’s latest programs, they canceled it due to lack of use.  So you know I hurried up and accepted the invitation and opened up my shop with the quickness!

It’s basically an Amazon store of your own with your own URL.  My shop is located here and is full of products that I picked that I deem soulful (goes with my business Soul Pitt) and awesome tech gadgets (goes with my Tech Diva personal brand).  I simply call it “THE SOUL PITT — YOUR SHOP FOR CURATED SOUL & COOL TECH!”


Now, was I hung up on the step where you name your shop?  Heck yeah!  I was thinking, what if you can’t change it?  Should I make it separate from my brands?  I didn’t know anyone with a shop to even reference it.  So, I decided to name it my business name and combine my two loves via the tagline – Soul & Tech.  And that was that.  Easy peasy to add products you like to your store!  I even announced it on my social media pages and invited those that follow me an opportunity to share a link to their product that they sold on Amazon and if it fit my niche, it would add it to my store.  I was pleasantly surprised that some people did have products on Amazon and it was easy to add them.  Since my business is based in Pittsburgh PA and covers arts, entertainment and businesses in Western PA, it makes sense to include some of the Minority business owners and artists in this region in The Soul Pitt shop on Amazon.  Don’t you think?

Trust me, if you have any type of a following online, you should try to apply for this influencer program. I believe they invited me because I am also an Amazon Associate. This is a new program and it’s free. You recommend products and make a commission. Plus it’s cool to be labeled as an influencer.

There are so many ways you can work it and figure out the niche and types of products that work best with your business or personal brand. For example; a hairdresser could recommend hair products — there are a ton on Amazon. A fitness guru could recommend fitness related products. A stylist could recommend clothing and accessories. Think outside the box!

After I dived into this some more, I searched on the hastag #AmazonInfluencer  in Twitter and found quite a few folks who already were in the Amazon Influencer Program.  I found some cool ones too like “Our Wander-Filled Life” that has a shop curated of things for couples that travel on a budget.  They are travel bloggers and it keeps with their purpose.

Here’s the direct link and custom URL to my store:

Check it out and maybe you’ll find something Soulful or some Cool Tech that I’ve picked out just. for. you. :)

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