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Sweet Baby Jesus, I love a great name!

sweet baby jesus

My husband and I went out with another couple to check out Savor Pittsburgh.  It’s an event where basically you pay to come in and taste unlimited samples of food, beer and liquor from various restaurants, chefs, brewery’s, etc.  It’s an awesome fundraiser event, and you’ll walk away with a full belly of everything from lamb, baby quail eggs, cheeses I can’t pronounce (let alone spell) and an insane amount of drinks to wet your whistle! So after I had my share of vittles, I opted to taste this chocolate peanut butter porter beer named “Sweet Baby Jesus!”  When I…
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A Bitin’ MC Teaches Me to Always Have Another Business Plan at Hand


They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Well in some cases, it’s the highest form of robbery.  When I used to rap, someone that copied your rhymes or your rapping style was labeled a “biter” or “sucka mc”.  Well, in business you’ve also got biters and suckas (not the kind in Twilight).  They are just known simply as “Shady Entrepreneurs” in my book. So what do you do when someone blatantly copies you?  Well this is what hip hop taught me. When someone copied my rhymes or style (at least tried to), I would write another rhyme that…
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