Marketing Tips

Encourage customers to share your product on Social Media


Presentation & customer service is key! I love how Renay Warren of Sircles packaged my necklace I purchased, along with a personalized handwritten note. Things like this makes a customer feel good, and we always remember how someone makes us feel. Now normally I post a photo of something I purchased especially if the quality, customer service and packaging is on point.  You will find that many of your customers that are on social media and know you’re active on social media too will often post a pic of them with your product and tag your business. However, it’s always…
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The Power of a Picture Quote Campaign


Did you ever share a quote by someone else that had the quote on top of a nice graphic and get a lot of likes and shares? That’s because fans, friends, followers and everyone else are drawn to images on social media!  Images are the heart of a lot of sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.  A picture is worth a thousand words — but combining a photo with words on that photo is priceless…and worth sharing! THE CAMPAIGN I created a campaign for the Pittsburgh Chapter of NAWBO to share 40 original words of wisdom from business women….
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Johnstown was famous for something bad, but turned around and made it all good. So can you.


Here is a photo of me in my hometown Johnstown PA, standing in front of city hall. Unfortunately, Johnstown is most famous for its three floods. I am pointing up above my head at one of 3 High water makers that shows just how high the water level got to during the 1977 Johnstown flood. Click pic or here for larger view. Today, the stories of that tragedy, told in-depth by the Johnstown Flood National Memorial and the Johnstown Flood Museum, still are the “hooks” that draw visitors to Johnstown, a town of 24,000 that’s about 90 minutes southeast of…
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I’m part of the 5% thanks to LinkedIn’s Brilliant Internet Marketing


Ok, got this email today from LinkedIn.  At first I was feeling all special.  Then I clicked on “read more” where it gives you the opportunity to share your news on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.  Before I shared it, I was curious to see if a lot of people got this.  So of course I Googled “I have one of the top 5% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012″ and found out I was not alone…not by a long shot. Oh well, it did make me feel good for a minute   But more importantly it’s a great example of…
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6 Reasons To Get Online Or Get Left Behind During Difficult Financial Times

When times are tough, the last thing you want to cut is your marketing budget.  If you stop promoting your business or brand, once things start to financially improve for you, you may find it hard to regain your momentum.  Even worse, your competitors have managed to pass you up as they continued to market themselves while you were waiting for the economy to improve.  This can in turn make it very difficult to get back to where you were. It’s time to get creative with your sales and marketing process so that you can continue to grow your business…
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