Invest in a Good Smart Phone

Ok, so if you’re at work all day, how are you able to check your email if your job doesn’t allow you to use the work computer for personal internet usage?  Well, you invest in a good smartphone! A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobile phone.  You will be able to check your emails, send twitters, view webpages, update facebook (of course all done on your breaks or lunch hour)

How to Manage Having a 9 to 5 While Running a Business Online

So you have an online business that is doing so-so, but not good enough that you can quit your day job. Furthermore, for some of us, quitting our job is not an option or it is not something that we want to do right now. This could be for various reasons like health insurance, money, timing, etc. So in the meantime, you have to learn what it takes to manage both – without breaking company rules. It takes a lot more than just being organized – you also need a good plan and the right tools! These are just a…
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A P/T job at the Mall was not an option

My story to how I became a Webpreneur amazes me, as I never planned to become one  (I’ll go into detail on that in a later post that tells my story). Once I saw that I could make money online on the side, I decided to really focus on increasing that income. Though I needed to supplement my income to get things I wanted faster and to actually have some type of savings, and travel even, a part-time job at the mall was not an option for me. Yes, I could work at some department store and get a discount on clothing…then…
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