Invest in a Good Smart Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

Ok, so if you’re at work all day, how are you able to check your email if your job doesn’t allow you to use the work computer for personal internet usage?  Well, you invest in a good smartphone!

A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobile phone.  You will be able to check your emails, send twitters, view webpages, update facebook (of course all done on your breaks or lunch hour)

I am on a mission to trade in my T-Mobile Dash smartphone that I currently use for the new T-Mobile G1 phone with Google that you see pictured because of it’s nice web surfing capabilities.  If you don’t have T-Mobile, you can get this phone for under $100 at the link I have provided.  Otherwise, if you are a current customer, you’ll have to shell out over $300!

That doesn’t seem fair to me – why treat the current customers this way – booooo!  But this smartphone has all the bells and whistles.  It will keep you connected with internet world while you’re at work, waiting at the doctors office, sitting under the hair dryer at the beauty salon, etc.  So while you’re somewhere where you can’t get on the internet, you won’t miss a beat in running your online business!

*** UPDATE ***

As of Jan 2013, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note, which I love!  Actually it is the BEST smartphone yet.  But with the way technology changes so fast, you can best believe I’ll have something different in the future.  I’ll keep you posted.

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