My Self-Imposed Home Bootcamp | Cause I’ve Got Sh** to Do!

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disturbSo this past week and weekend I did something drastic.  I was feeling super overwhelmed and as if I was drowning in tasks that were all urgent.  On top of it all, I am getting married on May 7, 2016 and that’s stressful enough to say the least without the added business operations that need attention, let alone taxes and site updates.  So simply put, my head was about to EXPLODE!

So I changed my cellphone voicemail to a new temporary message that stated, “Hello, I am busy working on business and personal related tasks that need my attention and am really not checking voicemail at this time.  If this is urgent you may email me, or I’ll just talk to you later after I get out of boot-camp.”  And I didn’t answer my phone or call anyone that wasn’t related to my long to do list.

Yep, I put myself in my own self-imposed boot-camp because frankly, I’ve got a lot of sh** to do and get done and I didn’t have time for idle chat, playing counselor to my friends, gossip, long winded business calls that could have been easily summed up in one email and any other BS that would have took me over the edge.

And guess what?!?!  It work!

Yep, it worked and I got an enormous amount of work done, felt like a weight was lifted off of me, got a little more organized and I swear I found some inner peace (until I broke my rule and answered the phone one time during the weekend and almost had a setback).  But for the most part, it worked and I plan to do this little self-imposed boot-camp at least once a quarter.

It was for only 5 days and boy did that make a difference.  Sure some of my friends didn’t “get it” and others took my distance personal (those are the ones I play counselor to LOL) but for the most part, I think most understood and after the first day or so, the calls were less and several people emailed me and I responded with a quick reply or processed their request if it was for business.

So boot-camp isn’t just for a physical workout, it can also be for a mental and spiritual adjustment.  I hate to change my voicemail back today, but I’ll have to so people don’t think I went totally AWOL on life.  But boot-camp, I’ll be back soon :)


So what type of things do you do so that you can get stuff done?
Do you have a name for it?  Does it work?
Share your tactics below in the comments that you use to block distractions.

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