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They are so Lucky


You know those friends and business people that are constantly sharing their good news, accolades, successes, etc.?  Sometimes, it seems as though everyone else is getting “lucky” except for you. I know some of you may look at the success of others on social media and think… “They are so lucky.” But luck happens when you are prepared for the opportunities that God puts in front of you. It’s that simple. Do the work, be prepared, and you will get “lucky” too. Happy St. Paddy’s Day! LUCK = PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY 

The Power of a Picture Quote Campaign


Did you ever share a quote by someone else that had the quote on top of a nice graphic and get a lot of likes and shares? That’s because fans, friends, followers and everyone else are drawn to images on social media!  Images are the heart of a lot of sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more.  A picture is worth a thousand words — but combining a photo with words on that photo is priceless…and worth sharing! THE CAMPAIGN I created a campaign for the Pittsburgh Chapter of NAWBO to share 40 original words of wisdom from business women….
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So I Went and Got a Personal Coach


As an athlete you need a coach. A singer needs a vocal coach. An Actor even needs a coach. That’s if you want to improve and become better. That’s if you desire to have someone that will tell you the truth about your skills and abilities and question you and make you question yourself. But as an entrepreneur or regular individual do you really need a coach? I’d say you should definitely try it. I have to attribute some of my growth as an entrepreneur and in life in general over the past few months to my new Life Coach…
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7 Business Negotiation Skills I Learned from Jada Pinkett Smith’s Character Fish Mooney in Gotham


Maria Mercedes Mooney, often known as Fish Mooney, is a hotheaded gangster boss lady who can read people like an open book. This character on the TV series Gotham (FOX) is played by Jada Pinkett Smith and she’s one of my favorite female characters on TV. She’s one tough cookie and I have watched her negotiate herself out of some sticky situations on the show. Here are 7 business negotiation skills I learned from watching Fish Mooney handle her opponents in Gotham’s crime underworld: Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Mooney is not shy at all; in…
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6 Reasons Why Print Magazines are Not Dead


“When we first started Soul Pitt Quarterly Magazine they said print was DEAD. However, the Community was ALIVE and thirsting for something uplifting.” — Donna M. Baxter Remember when Jet Magazine was talking about shutting down?  It was tragic.  It would have been a big loss for the Minority community.  But print was dying, so they say.  Overhead was high and going online seemed a much better option financially for many print publications.  It was during that time that I was tinkering with the idea of starting a print magazine, as a spin off to my already successful website The…
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I will be featured on Hustle and Heart TV


I am grateful to be featured on a future episode of Hustle and Heart TV with Darieth Chisolm. Darieth is a former WPXI News Anchor in the Pittsburgh.  In fact, she first interviewed me in the studio many years ago when I was in a rap group with the Misfits in the Attic.  However, she recently quit her job due to her enormous success in network marketing and now has launched an online video podcast and podcast coaching program.  So make sure you sign up to know when new video podcast shows are released at so you can check…
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